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I wanted to post an update on the L/L Ficathon. We've got 31 stories posted, which is fabulous! Check out the master list here.

If you're still waiting on your request, we hope you'll see it posted soon. We've checked in with all of the outstanding authors and where necessary assigned backup writers.

I want to put out a huge thank you to all the authors, and especially those authors who have agreed to help us out by writing a backup story. Thanks again for all of the hard work and great stories!
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A Call for Back-Up Writers!!!

Hey everyone! First of all, thank you all so much for participating in the ficathon. We got so many amazing stories out of it, and are really impressed with the number of fics that we received on or before the deadline. So great job!

We're trying to recruit some back-up writers to take on the requested stories that didn't get written, for one reason or another. If you'd be interested in being assigned another prompt, please respond to this post with your email address, and we'll add you to the list of people who are willing to write a back-up fic. You'd be making someone really happy! Think karma. :)
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Master Stories List

The time has come to start posting!

L/L Ficathon stories

This is the master list for the stories in the Luke and Lorelai 2006 Summer Ficathon. Please post a link to your story in the comments. No links to ff.net, please! Stories may be posted at Black & White & Read, Lukewarm, or your own LJ. We'll keep this list updated as people post their stories so check back periodically for updates.

Stories will be posted between August 13th and August 20th. If you're going to drop out, tell us now so that we can arrange for back-up. We'll start hounding people for their fics after the 20th (so you still have time).

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Ficathon Update/Reminder

This post is just a reminder that stories for the L/L Ficathon should be posted between August 13th and 20th. That's just over a week away! On the 13th, we'll make a post and you can respond to it with a link to your story and we'll update the master list.

If you're looking for a beta, go here. Several people commented there saying they were interested in betaing.

Lastly, we need a backup writer. If anyone is interested, please comment to this post or email myself, cmbarrytx or avery292. We're really looking forward to all the stories!
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Ficathon Update

This is just a note to say that all of the ficathon assignments have been sent out. If you signed up, but didn't get an email with your assignment, please post a comment here to let us know.

Several people have responded expressing an interest in being beta readers. Go here if you're looking for a beta reader.

Here's wishing your muses good thoughts!
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Reminder/Beta Readers

This is a reminder that sign-ups for the Luke and Lorelai Ficathon close this Friday, July 7th. We currently have 28 participants and are excited about the prompts that people are providing!! If you would still like to sign up, go here.

The other purpose for this post is to provide a resource for those people looking for a beta reader for their fics. If you are interested in acting as a beta reader, please post a comment here and let people know how to contact you.