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Luke and Lorelai Ficathon Summer 2006

Luke and Lorelai Summer Ficathon 2006
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This is a community to host the Luke/Lorelai Summer 2006 Ficathon.

Sign-ups begin: TODAY
Sign-ups end: Friday, July 7
Assignments go out: the week of July 10
Stories due: between August 13th and August 20th

Stories in this ficathon will be written in response to 2-4 line prompts provided by the requester. Possible sources for prompts include song lyrics, quotes of poetry or prose, or quick snatches of dialogue (either from the show, or original dialogue you make up yourself).

For more information and to sign up, please join the community and go to the sign-up post.

A very special thanks to fojbe_graphics for the lovely banner (and custom userpic)